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Cheap Vacations - How To Save Money Booking Travel Online -Trip Advisor


Read this travel guide and save hundreds, even thousands, on your next trip or vacation
Read this travel guide and save hundreds,
even thousands, on your next trip or vacation

   Want to save some money and find cheap family vacations? Planning cheap family vacations is often something that we need to do because travel and entertainment is just so expensive. Caring for a family is very expensive, and when you want to take your family on vacation costs can get out of control. But, family vacations don't need to break the bank. With some careful planning and some flexibility you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your family vacations. Cheap doesn't mean that you have to give up the things that you want, it simply means that you have to get creative to get the things you want without spending every dime you have (or donít have). Here are some tips to help you do just that, with some research and perservance, you can save money when planning your family vacation.
No matter how you buy your travel, do your homework and you will find a deal, the internet is a good place to start. The beauty of the internet is that there are so many options available to you to find the best deal for your next family beach vacation.

Great Tips For Planning Cheap Family Vacations

1. Plan ahead of time
     Cheap family vacations can be just as great as something that you pay a lot of money for if you plan ahead of time. Most of the time, planning ahead can save you hundreds of dollars. Most people are aware that when you purchase your airline tickets several weeks or months in advance it's typically much cheaper then when you buy in the days leading up to your departure. So, when you are planning your family vacations, purchase your airline tickets as far in advance as possible. Your savings here can go into buying fun things, eating out, or other forms of entertainment while on vacation.    Many airlines, tour operators, online travel agencies and travel sites have newsletters that they will send you via email; these usually include the latest cheap family vacations or last minute travel deals.
2. Choose the season   
    The second best thing would be to choose the season to go. If it is an off-season, donít be reluctant to pack your bags. For during off-season, not much people are traveling to that place. Like winter and rainy seasons are believed to be off seasons for the beach locations. At this time the costs of the hotels, the availability of rooms and reservations etc. all will be conveniently available and that too at remarkably less price. Off-season will vary depending on where you are traveling so do your research and find out when that is. Off-season includes summer and fall for the Caribbean and when the kids are in school for theme parks like Disney and so on. Usually school breaks are the most expensive time to travel to family destinations and cheap family vacations will be hard to find.
3. Shop around
   Check various travel sites and talk to some travel agents to get prices. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples, know what is included. That great cruise deal may not include airfare to the port!
4. Consider all possible discounts  
   Another great way to save money on airline tickets and car rentals is to book them online. Several of the online travel web sites offer substantial savings to customers who book all of these things at one time. Even if the savings is only ten percent, ten percent adds up when you consider the amount of money you'll be spending when you buy plane tickets for your entire family, rent a car, and pay lodging expenses. That ten percent can go to fun things, or go into the planning of future family vacations.
   Do you have Air Miles or frequent flyer miles you can cash in? AAA membership or other affiliations? Ask about child or senior discounts if traveling with grandparents. Do they have family rates or group rates? Don't be afraid to ask.
5. Find hotels to accommodate large families  
   Some hotels and resorts accommodate large families. In some cases it may be cheaper to pay for a suite or studio room than to get two rooms.
   Vacation rentals are a great way to save money on family vacations. Vacation rentals are bigger than hotel rooms, giving your family more space. Since most come with full kitchens you can cook some meals and save on restaurant expenses. Another way to save is to book a vacation rental direct from the owner, instead of through a management company, who essentially is a middleman.
   Another great way to take cheap family vacations is to stay in an area right outside the popular area you wish to visit. Hotel rates and rental fees are usually outrageous in very popular areas, but if you travel even a mile away the rates are often much lower. Rates skyrocket during the seasonal months; you'd be surprised by how much. When you are first considering family vacations, call ahead to your destinations and inquire what their off season prices are, you'll likely suffer sticker shock when you hear how much the prices are inflated when the tourists come around. You can save so much that it's worth waiting just a week or two to literally save hundreds or even thousands of dollars during your family vacations. It doesn't matter how big your family is, the price difference between the seasonal and off season prices may be enough to keep the richest man home until prices drop!
6. Traveling during the week can save you money  
     Saturday and flights during the week are less crowded and therefore more likely to have last minute discounting. Some companies charge a bit less for vacation package that leave mid-week. Also, business hotels are mor likely to charge less on weekends.
7.  Read your newspaper's travel section  
    The Saturday travel sections in newspapers are still a good source for travel news, tips and cheap family vacations, departing from your city. Read them religiously.
8. Do some negotiating of your own  
   Just ask for a deal or a better price! This will usually work if you are dealing directly with a hotel or car rental company directly. It may also work with some travel agents.
9. Book late  
   When looking for last minute deals, start shopping around about 6 weeks prior to your departure to get a good idea for prices and availability. Narrow down where you want to go and compare some prices. About 3 weeks prior to departure is probably your best time to book . When you notice packages begin to sell out, you want to book before you miss out on that deal. The prices only go so low and sometimes sell out before they really drop in price. Find out more about last minute deals.
10. Book early  
    Some of the best deals may be had booking early and not last minute. Most tour operators and cruise companies offer discounts for early booking. If there is a specific date you want to travel and or you have a specific resort or destination in mind, you are better off to book early and secure your vacation than to risk waiting for a cheap family vacation deal that may or may not happen.
11. Book a Weekend Getaway
     Weekend Getaways are usually cheaper than extended vacations, they can be booked last minute , and are available for hundreds of destinations ! Overall, keep in mind the cheaper is not always better. If you save a few hundred dollars by adding lots of stops to your flight or staying in a hotel you are not happy with, it won't be worth it. Save some money but don't compromise too much with what you really want and need for your family vacation. Check out our hot travel deals for some cheap family vacations....

   Family vacations can easily be great experiences for every member of the family, especially when money isn't a constant worry on the trip. Planning ahead and taking the steps to save money where you can, will help alleviate the financial pressures so that the whole family will have a good time, including mom and dad. Cheap family vacations are not synonymous with poor quality because nothing has to be given up, no compromises made. If you plan it right, you can stay in nice places, enjoy the things you want to enjoy, you can just do it for less!


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