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Paramount's Kings Island is great getaway for the whole family!

Paramount's Kings Island

Family Fun, Thrills and Something for Everyone! If you crave extreme thrills, raging water adventures, flying through the air, or just an enjoyable day with your family, Paramount’s Kings Island has more than 80 rides, shows and attractions with something for every member of your family!

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Something for everyone from Mom & Dad to the teenagers & smaller kids
Family-time is Fun-time! :
Destinations & Interests
Paramount's Kings Island
  Paramount's Kings Island is a 364-acre theme and water park located 24 miles north of downtown Cincinnati, Ohio on I-71, and 36 miles south of downtown Dayton, Ohio. The largest theme and water park in the Midwest, Paramount's Kings Island entertains more than 3 million guests annually and is one of the most popular seasonal theme park in the world by Amusement Business magazine.. The park offers more than 40 thrill rides, a 15-acre water park, two areas specifically created for kids, fun-filled entertainment, movie-themed attractions, and an assortment of shopping and dining options.
  This regional theme park was built in 1972. Owners of Cincinnati's Coney Island decided to build a new amusement park outside the city limits, and away from the Ohio River. The result was what is now one of the highest rated and most successful seasonal operations in existence. Like its sister park in Virginia, called Kings Dominion, Kings Island was built with an eye on the past in capturing those amusement park traditions while presenting a modern park in-keeping with current trends. Along with another traditionally-oriented theme park in Sandusky, Cedar Point, it ranks Ohio as the No. 1 state for world class theme parks and roller coasters.
  Since Paramount is the parent company of the park, many of the attractions and/or rides are based on Paramount Picture's movies such as "Top Gun," "Face/Off," "Tomb Raider" and their newest thrill ride, "The Italian Job," The areas for the kids are modeled after Nickolodeon (Spongebob Squarepants) and Hanna-Barbera (Scooby-Doo) cartoon characters while the enormous water park, which used to be called Water Works, has been renamed Boomerang Bay (in 2004) using Crocodile Dundee's iconic image. Live stage shows feature lively performances of song and dance, one based on "The School of Rock," and the Timberwolf Amphitheater features top quality stage acts like REO Speedwagon on July 16th.
  A main distinction of this beautiful park is the undulating landscape which has been built into the hilly, forested areas of the terrain. The wilderness/rivertown area features natural forests where you can find White Water Canyon, a white water rafting ride and the legendary Beast wooden roller coaster. Much of the Beast has been tucked away into the forest, virtually unseen by patrons. You have to ride it or take a few peeks from atop the first hill of the Vortex steel roller coaster nearby or from the observation deck of the Eiffel Tower, at the center of the park.
  The other main thrill ride is the Son of Beast, so-named because of the enormous popularity of the Beast (1979), which to this day still remains the longest single-track wooden roller coaster in the world. Son of Beast (2000) features it's own records too: it's the world's tallest (218 ft.), fastest (78 mph) and second longest behind the Beast. Together, these two stellar thrill rides continue to attract coaster enthusiasts from around the world. It should be noted that Son of Beast is the only wooden coaster in the world that does a full 360-degree loop without wheel clamps or seat restraints.
  The other main attractions are plentiful, including Top Gun, an inverted steel roller coaster that dips into a ravine, Face/Off, another steel coaster that reverses itself in a series of high-velocity loops, the Vortex, a 135-ft. high steel coaster that features 7 inverted loops, and Adventure Express, a delightful steel coaster more geared for families using Indiana Jones-themed atmosphere. One of the mainstays of the park is the Red and Blue Racer, a twin-track wooden roller coaster that opened the park in 1972. It's a traditional out-and-back, up-and-down coaster that features one of the trains seating you backwards. Now that's something to experience.
  There's plenty of thrill rides for the young at heart; plenty of attractions for the families; plenty of kiddie rides for the small ones; a fantastic water park; and loads of shopping and good food to go with the whole experience. The nighttime fireworks and the color-lit fountain at the front of the park are always a treat.
  The newest attraction in 2005 is based on the movie "The Italian Job" (2003), which featured Mark Wahlberg and Charlize Theron. It's a high-speed roller coaster-like ride based on sequences in the movie. The track is about 2,000 feet long, twists and winds its way through four "movie scenes," which are complete with surround sound effects. Peeling out from the loading dock at 40 mph and dropping as much as 45 ft., the Italian Job is a worthy entry to all of the thrill rides at Kings Island.

  The best time to visit Kings Island during the summer is on the weekdays. Weekend crowds can be very heavy at times, especially during holiday weekends. Kings Island also holds special events during the Halloween and Christmas season
  Tickets are available at the gate. Discount tickets can usually be purchased at local supermarkets and banks. Discount coupons can be found in various businesses in the area. You can also find your tickets on the Kings Island website www.pki.com

Boomerang Bay
  Introducing the most luxurious and expansive water park project in Kings Island history...AUSSIE STYLE! Our new Australian-themed, Boomerang Bay Water Park Resort offers more water adventures, relaxation, and five-star amenities than you can imagine!

Family Rides
  Something for everyone! If you crave extreme thrills, raging water adventures, flying through the air, or just an enjoyable day with your family, Paramount's Kings Island has more than 80 rides and attractions with something for every member of the family!

For the Kids
  Kids 3-6 years old always get Twice the Fun at Paramount's Kings Island! Two major areas for kids, Hanna-Barbera Land™ and Nickelodeon Central™, offer fun and pint-sized thrills for kids of all ages.

Live Shows
  It's showtime anytime at Paramount's Kings Island. With live stage productions, plenty of huggable characters, and fireworks on days the park stays open until 10pm, the whole park's a stage.

Thrill Rides
  Ready for extreme thrills? Then, check out our world-class roller coasters, including SON OF BEAST- The Tallest, Fastest and Only Looping Wooden Coaster on the Planet, DROP ZONE, the world's tallest Gyro Drop and The Beast, still the world's longest wooden coaster after 25 years!

  First hand information is far better than any brochure or pamphlet, and this trip advisor is invaluable when choosing the right resort or cruise. Look at the following travel reviews and use it as your personal trip advisor.

" ...This park has it all for kids! Great thrill rides for adults too! Takes forever to see it all. Lots of garunteed winner games. Food is expensive, but a gold pass gives you great discounts. Speedy lines and lots of indoor stuff for all weather types. Campground across the street provides free shuttle. 2 days for 1 tickets online. Absolutely best value for the money! Even toddlers can have a blast! No kidding, my two year old loves this park!"

"...The rides were great especially the roller coasters. The crow was very thin. This is a great time of year to go to park. I'd come back. Oh one last thing....skip the Bubba Gump fish and shrimp house..yuck".

"...It is a great place to go for people of all ages . The rides can be rough on people. However if you sit towards the front than all the rides are enjoyable. I would also say that i would end the day in action zone and start at The Beast and work over to action Zone. Please go and you can have a great time and email me if you don't like this review".

"...First, we stayed in the Marriot Residence Inn in Sharonsville. It was great. There were 2 bedrooms and a fold out couch downstairs which was plenty of room for the 5 of us (2 adults and 3 children ages 16, 13 and 9). The room was a townhouse and has a full kitchen and 3 TV's along with 2 full bathrooms. We payed $179.95 per night".

"...As far as the park, we bought the 2 day passes on-line at Paramount's site. We went to the Water park the first day and the amusement park the 2nd day".

"...The water park was nice but you had to park at the amusement park and enter that gate and then walk over to the water park.
The tram service was either slow or non-existent. The water park opened an hour after the amusement park. I wished they told us that when we called. The water park was comparible with most six flags types of water parks. It was a bit crowded. The wave pool was way too crowded and I would not let younger kids go unattended. We ate a Pizza at the park for lunch for $16.99. The lines for the slides were satisfactory. The longest wait was on the Twister (large Toilet bowl) ride and it was for 20-30 minutes".

"...The 2nd day we went to the amusement park. It was well maintained and very clean. It had the largest lift tower called the drop zone and that was our first ride. It was great and the best I have ever ridden".

"...It went downhill from there. Our next ride was Son of Beast . It is the world's tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster according to one travel site. It was the Roughest ride I have ever encountered. I am a big man over 6 ft tall and weighing more than 220 lbs. I have ridden many rides and this was the most painful ride I have ever encountered. Not only did it shake me senseless, I also injured my neck and also pinched an arm nerve. I would not recommend this ride to anyone. It is dangerous. My wife said after this ride she would never ride another wooden roller caoster as long as she lived".

"...My wife and I visit Paramount's Kings Island with our 3 kids twice a year and can never seem to do what we want. The park is 364 acres big and has way too many rides and attactions. This book broke everything down for us. It has chapters on lodging, dining in and out of the park, shows, rides and even shopping. Plus there's a history chapter that I found educational. We are taking a trip to Kings Island this weekend and while we wait on line with our impatient little ones, we'll read this book. It taught us a lot about Kings Island and even provided logistical tour plans for folks like us and folks without rugrats. My hat goes off to the author! ..., this was a bargain and a great souvenir".

"...We spent July 3-4, 2005 there with our 9 year old son. We all had a blast. The park is neat, clean and well maintained. All the employees we encountered were friendly, professional and well trained. Smoking in the park is limited to designated areas (though some always think the rules don't apply to them for some reason). Line breaking was non-existant. Food was mostly typical park fare but the Wings Diner did offer roasted chicken, ribs and barbecue. The roasted chicken was excellent! While this park has a decent collection of thrill rides only The Beast is truly memorable. Son Of Beast is one of the most punishing and unpleasant rides I have ever experienced- too bad as it had some nice ride elements. The new Italian Job Stunt Track coaster is way over hyped- too short and boring. The park has been awarded the amusement park industry's Golden Ticket for the Best Kid's Area for the last several years and I could see why. They had probably the best kid's area ever I've ever seen at any park. The water park that is included with park admission is great with a lot of slides, a wave pool and some kids play areas. However, as with most water parks inside parks like this it was way overcrowded. Lines even for the lazy river were over 1/2 hour long. Most slide lines were 1 hour plus. The wave pool was shoulder to shoulder. I'm sure on weekdays the crowd is much less".

"...I love this ride and i just went on it yesterday three times. They fixed the headbanging problem, so now when you hit your head, there are big,soft pads on the side so it does not hurt (though it is still a little annoying). I also love Delirium. If you do go on Delirium, try to get on the seats facing toward the entrance, these are the seats that when Delirium reaches its full height, you will be clowe to upside down. Another good ride is Flight of Fear. That ride is awesome-especially with the new lap bars. Italian Stunt Job is a waste of time in my opinion. Why wait over 2 hours just to go down a 20 foot hill? It is good considering that it is very well themed and provides a good ride for all age groups, but it is a bit boring. Also, Tomb Raider is too short to wait in a line anywhere over 20 minutes. The Vortex would be okay if you didn't hit your head so much. I love Top Gun, and Adventure Express is a good roller coaster to get on just to take a break from the bigger, more intense rides. I also think that Son of Beast would be better if the carts gave you more room. Overall, Face-Off is my favorite ride in the park. Oh, The Racer would be better if it wasn't so bumpy".

"...I have been visiting Kings Island every year for the last 10 years and not once have I ever been dissatisfied. The park is the cleanest around and the cost is very reasonable. It's got something for everyone.Each time I visit its a new adventure. I have recommended the park to many families and have been thanked each time after they return from their visit. When I plan our yearly vacations this is one attraction everyone agrees on . Thanks Kings Island "See you this year"
 "...Kings Island is AWESOME!!!!!!!! I have gone and baught passes ever sence I was well.....ever sence I was able to go. A great place to go for vacation!!! I live really close about 45 min. away and I have gone about 6 out of 7 days a week all last season. It NEVER gets old or boring!!! The rides I recomend the most are:
2. Vortex
3.The Beast
4.Son of Beast
5.Flight of Fear
6.Drop Zone
8.The Racer
9.Top Gun
10.Tomb Raiter The Ride
Wait....thats ALL the action rides!! So I recomend ALL the rides at PKI !!!!"

"...This was a great getaway for the whole family . they have rides for all ages. we went in august and we saw the nickelodeon parade, kids will love that. the food is very expensive is my only neg. on this park. other than that we had a great time the rides were great. you definately need 2 days to ride all the rides..... we will visit again!"
"...This park has it all for kids! Great thrill rides for adults too! Takes forever to see it all. Lots of garunteed winner games. Food is expensive, but a gold pass gives you great discounts. Speedy lines and lots of indoor stuff for all weather types. Campground across the street provides free shuttle. 2 days for 1 tickets online. Absolutely best value for the money! Even toddlers can have a blast! No kidding, my two year old loves this park!"



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