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Baby Friendly Vacation - How, When and Where....

Sat Dec 15 15:50:54 EST 2018

"...I am going to be in Indonesia and Thailand in January with my toddler who is almost two years old. I've been to Indonesia 4 times, but it's a whole new world of travel with my babe. I am trying to figure out what size stroller to take, and any other tips on travelling with a baby would be very helpful..."
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"...We're a kiwi family with well travelled kids aged 8 & 11. In May 06, we are going to spend a couple of weeks eurailing in Europe before heading off to the UK for a wedding. Can anyone recommend reasonable moderately priced family accomodation in Munich, Vienna & Paris. We would also like to have a few days in a French village in maybe Provence or Bordeaux though we are open to almost anything at this stage. Any ideas/hints/best places to stay/vacation spots/vacation packages,etc would be appreciated..."
"...I am planning a vacation with a 9 months old and a 2 y. old, and looking for a nice toddler-friendly place with following features ( if possible) Beach with calm, quite waters. All inclusive hotel, if possible. Relatively close to civilization ( = grosery stores w/ diapers + baby food!). Good snorkeiling nearby ( this is for us!). Can somebody make a suggestion ? Thank you.."

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Baby friendly vacation

  We like traveling with our children, and wish the same to you. Well, it can be if you follow a few tips to help you enjoy getting there as much as being there. Children, even little ones, learn there's something beyond their own homes and families. The practicalities may change as the children grow. But the memories made during any trip will remain long after the vacation is over.

1. Location...
   Good planning means the difference between a fabulous vacation and a family feud on wheels. The Internet makes it easy to research destinations and hotels, read travelers' reviews and download checklists and safety strategies. Family-focused travel guides are also helpful. We have taken our kids to Playa del Carmen and are taking them again in 4 weeks. Safe and nice beach. We have also taken them on a Carnival cruise and 2 Disney cruises and they are only 3 and 6. They love the beach in Playa del Carmen, they had fun in Grand Cayman, loved the beach and water in Nassau Bahamas but Freeport waters were a little rough.......have fun!

2. Babies Travel Lite
  We recommend you this baby supply company who makes traveling with small children easier and more enjoyable by delivering the changing, feeding, and bathing supplies your baby will need while away from home, to any travel destinations worldwide. You can shop for all the supplies your baby will need while traveling without leaving your home. For a small convenience charge Babies Travel Lite will package and deliver your favorite baby supplies.

3. Get travel assistance insurance
   But review carefully as there are different levels of coverage. We are usually well-prepared when we travel, but whilst most of us take out insurance before we travel, many of us don't read the policy- so we may not know what our cover is until it is too late. Insurance will ensure the child is cared for should parent be hospitalized. Coverage should include ability to fly home if treatment is needed in the US by the patient. We recommend you the leading consumer-oriented online travel insurance aggregator worldwide. You can make it easy for you to compare and buy travel insurance for any type of journey. They provide travel insurance policies from Access America, CSA Travel Protection, Global Underwriters, HTH Worldwide, International Medical Group, M.H. Ross, Medex, MedjetAssist, MultiNational Underwriters, RBC Travel Protection, Specialty Risk International, Travel Guard, Travel Insured, Travelex and TravelSafe. All companies have 24 hour claim or assistance call centers. You will have a great time, but be warned vacationing with a toddler is definitely not a relaxing adult vacation.

4. Make a medical kit
   A small medical kit containing medications for common child illnesses is very helpful should children become ill when traveling. The kit should contain medications for illnesses that children experience at home and for potential travel-related illnesses, and it should contain the telephone numbers of all the childrenís health-care providers. Choosing a destination where there is no ready way of communicating with competent medical professionals adds an element of risk to the trip. Standards of health care often differ from country to country, so contact your personal physician before any treatment is undertaken. Your physician may be able to recommend what you have packed in medical kit to care for your child.

5. Don't skip the snacks
Something for everyone from Mom & Dad to the teenagers & smaller kids
Family-time is Fun-time!:
Something for everyone from Mom & Dad to the teenagers & smaller kids, that's what these family destinations have in store.
Book now to start your family fun at one of our top picks.
  Food can entertain and educate, especially if you bring foods relating to your destination. Besides, if you're traveling on a plane, you and your young ones will likely need more nourishment than the airline provides. Best bets: boxed juices and healthful, crumb-free snacks like baby carrots, sliced turkey, cheese, bagels and drinkable yogurt. Avoid overly sugary and salty snacks.

6. The key to successful trips especially with children is to keep everyone entertained throughout the journey. Here are some great travel games which will help you pass the time whether you are travelling by road, air or sea.

7. Plan for adult time

   True, you're here to spend time with the kids, but it's your vacation as well. Keep yourself refreshed enough to enjoy your family. At a resort, for example, hit the spa while the children do arts and crafts at the kids' club. In a city, hire a sitter through the hotel's concierge service, and go out to dinner while the youngsters sleep. Include something for everyone. Some families spend a third of their vacation on kids' preferences, a third on family choices and a third on adult interests. However you divide your time, be sure to include everyone's desires. Relax some rules. Youngsters respond differently to new foods, disruptions in sleep patterns and jet lag. This is not the time to introduce new disciplinary methods. Remember, the kids are on vacation, too. Your best bet? Slow down. Get in tune with your children. Experience the destination at their pace.

8. Enjoy
   Itís a vacation remember! Do less! For today's overscheduled kids, an entire afternoon doing nothing but building a sand castle with their parents may be their most cherished vacation memory. So make room for downtime. Figure out what you want to see, then plan on doing half of that. If at the end of your trip you want to return to see more, the vacation has been successful.
   Worry less and enjoy more, your baby will too...

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