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Weight Loss Spa Travel
Imagine a life free of weight worries!

  "...I need to lose at least 100 to 150 lbs and I don't want to do it through surgery. I would like to better spend the money on a program where you go for 2-3 months and drop the weight yourself. Can you help identify some of these programs? The type of program I'm thinking of probably would not have the word "spa" in it. Please ask any questions you have for clarification....."


  Generally, people are heavier than their ideal weight . Technically, almost everyone that would like to or actually should lose weight would do so if they adhered to the follow instructions:
  - Eat less and
  - Don’t eat any junk food.
  Nevertheless, for most of us, the implementation of different eating habits is more easily said than done.
  Imagine a life free of weight worries
  Spa vacations have become increasingly popular in the past few years as people begin to appreciate the health benefits of spa treatments. In fact, spas seem to be sprouting up everywhere: at city hotels, inns and even at airport terminals.
  Can you imagine a universe in which you are the center of attention? You laze about for the entire day without a care in the world. In fact, the only thing that you have to think about is whether or not you want to get a facial or a massage.
  The popularity of spa vacations has led to the emergence of luxury spas in almost every imagined spot on the planet.
Get healthy recipe ideas for summer from Weight Watchers.
Go now!

  In order to be able to select the right spa vacation from the options available today, it is important to understand the different types of spas and the services they provide.
  Destination spas are full-service wellness centers whose main purpose is to enhance their guests' physical and mental wellbeing.
  Destination spas feature a wide selection of classes, including Yoga, tennis, hiking, Tai Chi, meditation and dancing.
  Today’s spa has become a center of health and revitalization.

  Two of the leading residential weight loss programs are The Duke Diet & Fitness Center and Structure House.

The Duke Diet & Fitness Center
  The Duke Diet & Fitness Center is one of the country's oldest and most successful weight management centers. weight loss spa vacation
  “The Duke Diet & Fitness Center has pioneered the "sensible diet" approach to weight management. The lifestyle changes you will adopt at the Center are designed to help you make positive changes in your life, including reducing unhealthy body weight and increasing your level of physical activity.”
  “A study of our participants showed that after two years, 55% maintained their weight loss; at three years, 47% maintained, and for four or more years, 42% maintained their weight loss - making this program one of the most successful in the field.”
  "Established in 1969, the Duke Diet and Fitness Center has a long-established reputation among the most highly respected treatment centers in the world for individuals who are overweight and who have a sedentary lifestyle. The primary reason people seek our expertise is for help achieving sustainable weight loss. But what sets us apart from other programs is our attention to the bigger picture. Yes, we’re skilled in weight management, but we also guide patients to substantially increase physical activity - which is equally important as eating healthfully. And we utilize the best available medical information to assure our clients learn strategies conducive to weight management while maximizing overall health. We strive to reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer, to minimize disability from arthritis and chronic pain, to build stamina, mobility and lung function, while managing stress, and improving mood."

The Heartland Spa weight loss spa vacation
  The Heartland Spa, a private health and fitness retreat only 90 miles South of Chicago.
  “The Heartland Spa is a private health retreat where a wide spectrum of wellness goals are addressed on an individual basis. Programs are offered for small groups of up to 32 guests who share a common health objective. The Heartland provides an opportunity for guests to learn, experience and utilize the most accurate, available scientific information regarding fitness, nutrition and stress management so they can begin to make desirable changes in their lifestyle...all in a fun-filled, relaxing, environment, supervised by a trained professional staff.”

Canyon Ranch
  “Three gourmet meals from the award-winning Canyon Ranch kitchens Generous allowance for Spa & Sports and Health & Healing services based on length of stay.
  A selection of 45 complimentary fitness classes each day More than 225 programs and services to choose from, including private health & fitness consultations with our team of more than 60 professional experts.
  Full access to our 62,000-square-foot, fully equipped spa complex Wide variety of guided hikes and biking excursions in our Southwest mountains and desert foothills
  Daily selection of lectures, workshops and cooking demonstrations A personal Program Coordinator to help custom design your stay Health & Fitness Assessment”

Pritikin Longevity Center & Spa

  “The Pritikin Longevity Center & Spa offers medically proven programs for significant and lasting weight loss; reversing heart disease, and for many, avoiding bypass surgery; reducing cholesterol; lowering blood pressure to normal, medication-free levels; controlling diabetes and, for many, eliminating the need for drugs and insulin injections; smoking cessation; and cancer prevention--all in a full-service luxury resort and spa.
  ”The Pritikin Longevity Center & Spa is a health resort in Aventura, Florida where guests come from all over the world to achieve unparalleled health and weight-loss results.
  “Pritikin Program, simple yet stunningly remarkable in its benefits,focuses on daily exercise and an eating plan based on natural, whole foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seafood rich in omega 3s, and limited lean meat. At the Pritikin Longevity Center, guests enjoy six heart-healthy, gourmet meals and snacks daily, such as grilled lobster, roasted bison, wild mushroom risotto, and chocolate mousse.”

Cooper Aerobics Center
  "Relaxation and pampering await you at Cooper Spa. And now you can enjoy an unbelievable Spa experience at two locations – the original Mediterranean-styled spa on Preston Road in Dallas and the new Texas-chic spa at Craig Ranch in McKinney, Texas. "

Vatra Natural Weight Loss Spa:
  "This is primarily a weight loss spa. The meals are calorie controlled and delicous. It is a great way to jump-start a weight loss program, or if you can stay awhile - to lose weight. The accomodations are rustic - I didn't see air conditioning in my room. It can be described as an adult weight loss camp - with rules and all. The fitness classes are geared to people who may not be excercising on a regular basis, but the instructors will show those who can do more, how to increase their workout intensity. The water classes were fun and effective! The classes are not mandatory and you can relax all day if you wish. Although, the spas guests are of all ages (20's to 80's), the average guest age appears to be over 50 years old. The guests are primarily women - the majority who come alone, although there are couples and friends who come up together."

The Greenhouse
  "...I am on my 5th day of a week at the Greenhouse Spa and the previous post is certainly NOT what I encountered. The Greenhouse Spa does it right. First they send a chauffer to pick you up at the airport. The rooms are beautifully appointed and the toiletries are first rate. I would have loved a better shower/tub but the shower at the sauna was the best yet and I loved using that shower instead of my own. It's a great women only atmosphere and the exercise/fitness program is top rate. Had terrific workouts all day but I preferred mine in the morning and my pampering/treatments/massages/facials/manicure/pedicure, etc in the afternoon. The staff (from housekeeping, fitness instructors, kitchen, reservations, nutrition, scheduling, etc) were great. They offer a fat flush program with a specialized menu and treatment plan as well. I was never hungry at the Greenhouse and I chose the fat flush program....there were always choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Actually sometimes I ate my meals just because it was meal time. Oh, did I mention they serve breakfast in bed....what a nice way to wake up.
  The indoor pool area is a perfect setting for meeting with newly made friends and pool classes, morning stretch and lunch. We had some terrific weather some days and we got to eat our lunch outdoors. The pillows and bed were extremely comfortable...as a matter of fact, I am going to see if I can order a pillow. I had some of my best night sleeps at the Greenhouse Spa. I will suggest they update their website as it is not that easy to navigate and they might lose business because of this. It was a first rate trip and I lost 3-3/4 pounds so far to make it even better. Looking forward to a return trip to this first class/first rate destination spa...."

  The very thought of a spa is enough to give a tingling vibrance to our tired body.
  The word "spa" comes from a place called Spa in Belgium where there are those historic springs. In the olden days the wounded Roman soldiers would come to these mineral springs to bathe after war in order to soothe their aching bodies and heal their injuries with the warm water of the spring. Since then any natural or manmade place that has medicinal spring is called a spa. In eastern New England these mineral springs were also called soda fountain.
  However, according to another story the word spa is derived from the Latin phrase 'sanitas per aqua,' or 'health through water'. All this shows that spa is synonymous with water having medicinal value. That is not to say that the spas that pop up in every nook and corner of the city claiming to provide therapeutic baths and massages have springs with medicinal water.
  The modern spas are very different from the original springs of medicinal water. They include the Jacuzzi, sauna, and water-based mud packs in the spas. What has not changed is the fundamental principle behind it - to obtain peace of mind and good health.

  Whether you are looking for something simple and low cost, or if you want a pampered and extravagant experience, there is a spa resort that offers what you are looking for. Spa resorts can be found all over the world too.
  Some spa resorts are very simple. They will often offer physical therapy services, volcanic clay "mud" baths and massages.
  When you move up to the mid-level spa resorts, they tend to offer a little more. An exercise facility is one of the extras. Depending on where the spa is located, they may offer hiking or other outdoor activities. Often gourmet food is on the menu and included in the package. Of course, the mid-level spas also offer everything you would find in an economy package.
  Things become more exciting when you opt for a luxury spa resort. This is where the services offered become almost endless. At some luxury spa resorts, you are afforded a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape. Others offer health improvement, fine dining, yoga and meditation, and low-fat cuisine. Horseback riding and other outdoor activities will often be available. Golfing facilities are common at luxury spa resorts. Watersports and skiing are offered sometimes, too. Regardless of the spa you choose, the goal will normally be stress reduction, relaxation, and health improvement.
  Your spa resort vacation will only be limited to your imagination and your budget.

Relax and Be Pampered
  Revitalize your mind, body and soul with a relaxing spa vacation. Whether visiting a luxurious resort spa in Hawaii or trekking through the rugged Canadian wilderness, we've hand picked the best spa destinations for you. Book your trip today to begin your spa getaway. Click here

Weight Loss Spas - get pampered while you lose the weight
  Supplying participants with a structured fitness programs and teams of personal trainers, chefs and skilled instructors, weight loss spas are pleasant combinations of healthy living and vacation time. The idea? A great experience will encourage and educate anyone looking to lose a few pounds, maintain motivation or simply have fun while boosting their activity levels.
  Spas range from the luxurious to the strenuous; how you approach the weight loss is up to you. Some spas offer services geared towards particular health problems such as injured muscles or high blood pressure. Retreating to a weight loss spa is an all-inclusive affair as one price covers your meals, lodging, classes, activities and spa treatments.
  With thousands of spas located all over the world, you can choose a retreat anywhere from the centre of London town to the wooded mountains of North America. For a more exotic spa break, why not add a stamp to your passport with a week in Thailand or Mexico? With activities ranging from the mildest Tai Chi and yoga to intense hiking, swimming and rock climbing, any weight loss spa can be customised to your fitness preference.

The world's best weight-loss spas Luxurious places that will make you look and feel better
  If your stomach is looking more scary than sexy these days, consider going to a spa to shed those extra holiday pounds. Fortunately the days of "fat farms," group torture and lettuce-only lunches are ancient history.
  Today's health spas focus on long-term lifestyle changes that you can take home with you - in beautiful, luxurious settings with a lot more than a few greens on your plate. In fact, most spas understand that the only greens their guests want to see are golf greens and it's always possible to squeeze a round or two in the links, or even a massage, in between those aerobics and yoga classes.
  While most people can lose a few pounds over a week's stay, don't expect anything more dramatic - that would be unhealthy, not to mention unpleasant. Of course, it all depends on just how much extra weight, and money, you want to drop. Clinique La Prairie in Switzerland charges 15 grand for its 12-day treatment and many others are equally pricey. But if results - and the ability to button your trousers again - are what matter to you, you'll be sure to come away with a lot more (or less) than just a thin wallet.

Spa Location
Cal-a-Vie Vista, Calif.
Canyon Ranch Lenox, Mass. and Tucson, Ariz.
Clinique La Prairie Geneva
Cooper Wellness Program Dallas
CuisinArt Resort & Spa Anguilla, British West Indies
Duke Diet & Fitness Center Durham, N.C.
Hilton Head Health Institute Hilton Head Island, S.C.
Stobo Castle Stobo, Scotland
Source: Forbes.com

Travel Diets: The Backpacker Weight Loss Plan
  Anyone who is overweight already will do wonders for their body by traveling around the world. Anyone who is a fitness nut will likely weigh the same or less when they return. Long-term travel is a painless weight-loss plan.

Top 10 relaxing spa getaways

  Need to pamper yourself after the holidays? Why not treat yourself to a relaxing getaway to our favorite hotel spas?

  What do you do all day when you travel on the cheap? You walk, you swim, you hike, you bike, you lift weights (your backpack), and you walk some more. With this kind of lifestyle, Who needs a gym? Most travelers walk for miles on any typical day: looking around for a place to stay, sightseeing, walking to and from restaurants and bars, running errands, shopping, and getting to the train or bus station. You walk because it's cheap, it's convenient, and in many cases, an adventure it itself. Then there's the exercise you do for fun. You'll probably spend lots of time at beaches, swimming and snorkeling. There are volcanoes to hike, rivers to raft, mountain ranges to trek, temples to bike to. If you want, you can easily get into a pick-up game of basketball or soccer with the locals.
  You'll also lose weight in some countries because you need to avoid eating meat. Once you see a butcher shop in some of these places, you'll know why. I lost 20 pounds (8 kilos) while I was eating vegetarian-only in India for 6 weeks and was looking thinner than I had since high school when I left. (Thankfully I was off to Turkey next, where they put meat in almost every dish.) Plus you can't always get three squares a day: on long bus or train rides, you have to settle for what's available when you stop.

Travel: Don't Call It a Fat Farm
By Tara Weingarten
Courtesy of Red Mountain Spa
Courtesy of Red Mountain Spa
More Americans are turning to weight-loss spas to drop the holiday pounds. Here, a group hikes at Utah’s Red Mountain Spa.

  Jan. 23, 2006 issue - Barbara Steinberg spent the holidays overindulging. "I drank too many martinis and ate too many desserts," says the New Jersey-based surgery professor. So, to kick-start her New Year's weight-loss plan, she booked a week at Hallandale, Fla.'s Regency Health Resort & Spa. After four days of aerobics and weight lifting, she had lost two pounds. "I'm eating healthy and working out a couple of hours each day. What more could I want?"
  Each January, millions of Americans pledge to lose weight, only to quickly sink back into old habits. To break the cycle, more are turning to weight-loss spas for help. Last year there were 2.4 million visits to fitness spas, up from a half million in 2002. As their popularity has grown, so, too, have the types of services they offer. How do you choose one? Search the spa listings at spafinder.com or experienceispa.com, then visit the spas' Web sites to find deals. Some suggestions:

No frills: At Utah's Red Mountain Spa (from $189 per person, per night; redmountainspa.com), you can hike through a dramatic desert landscape. Tobi Adams, 45, visits Ojai, Calif.'s the Oaks at Ojai (from $350 per person for two nights; oaksspa.com) at least twice each year and credits it with helping her drop 50 pounds. It offers offbeat activities like Hoola Hooping, as well as sports like mountain biking.

Luxury: Looking for a place to blow your year-end bonus? At Vista, Calif.'s antiques-filled Cal-a-Vie (cal-a-vie.com), guests indulge in top-shelf treatments for one all-inclusive price: from $3,195 for a three-night package. Among the offerings at the Greenhouse in Arlington, Texas (from $5,625 per week, all inclusive; thegreenhousespa.net), are in-room herbal detox baths and a special "Fat Flush" program.

Vegetarian: These spas will help you fulfill those USDA servings quotas. The Regency Health Resort & Spa (regency healthspa.com), where Steinberg stays, offers calisthenics and weight training by the Atlantic, plus a world-cuisine vegetarian menu (from $915 per person for four nights; spa treatments extra).

Medical: Medical spas have blossomed in the last five years. Actor Jeff Garlin, who plays Larry David's agent in "Curb Your Enthusiasm," swears by Aventura, Fla.'s Pritikin Longevity Center & Spa (from $3,500 per week, all inclusive; pritikin.com), which he credits with helping him lose 50 pounds in the last two years. Garlin's stay at Pritikin typically involves 90 minutes of daily exercise and twice-weekly physical exams (Garlin is a diabetic). And Garlin makes sure to end each day with a round of golf. Otherwise, what sort of vacation would it be?
  © 2006 Newsweek, Inc

  Unfortunately, with 64 percent of adults overweight, most Americans do not experience true wellness.
  That’s where spas find a unique niche in personal care, offering us health-enriching services in comfortable, familiar surroundings among trusted professionals.
  We walk into a spa hoping to look and feel better, and we return to our favorite places because the professionals know us, care about us, and help us. We trust spa professionals with our bodies and, in many cases, our health concerns.

  Personally, I love the idea behind a specialist weight loss health spa or retreat, so long as it is run on an idealistic basis and not a predominantly commercial basis. Does such a utopian place exist? Not to my knowledge.
  My "dream spa", the weight loss retreat that some day I'd like to be involved in developing, would probably run as a not-for-profit establishment. It would not offer a "quick fix" but would incorporate a comprehensive weight loss program covering not just diet and exercise, but fitness and dietary education, practical experience in food preparation, provide psychological counselling and other emotional support and an overall habit changing lifestyle reforming orientation. I'd envisage a residential program lasting at least six months to produce desirable results and indelibly impress life long change upon the clientele.
  At present, a search of the WWW shows many health spas, some offering weight loss programs, though with programs only ranging from 7 days to 21 days. To my thinking, that is the obesity equivalent of a drug & alcohol treatment program offering detox only with no rehabilitation.
  Weight loss health spas typically charge around $US 2,500 - 3,000 per week (one week stays are most popular).
  By all means go and enjoy their peaceful surroundings, therapeutic massages, the relaxation of having your rooms cleaned and food all prepared for you, enjoy their bush walks and bike rides - have yourself a pleasant holiday. You may even lose a little bit of weight temporarily and come away feeling quite refreshed.

  If you’re interested in finding a stress-free place to help you with your weight loss, you’ve come to the right place. Modern spas are great for promoting better health through weight loss, and we’ll help you find the perfect one!

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